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The essential product of the company is a liquid bacterial bio-fertiliser AZOTER®. It reaches the absolute highest density of vital bacteria. A dose of 10 litres of fertiliser is sufficient to fertilise one hectare of land.

A liquid bacterial fertiliser produced on the base of the AZOTER®fertiliser which contains the parasitic strain of fungus Trichoderma atroviridae which destroys the spores of Fusarium and has a significant stimulating effect not only on plant growth dynamics but also on plant resistance by improving the defensive reactions of the cultivated crops and reduction of the mycotoxins content in the final production.

AZORHIZ® is a bacterial fertiliser which, thanks to its composition (asymbiotic and symbiotic bacterial strains), provides sufficient nitrogen supply to plants throughout the vegetation of crops, and is used for the cultivation of soy, peas, beans, alfalfa and forage.

AZOTER-SC® contains, in addition to the bacteria and active substances present in the liquid bacterial fertiliser AZOTER, also the mycoparasitic fungus Coniothyrium minitans which effectively destroys the spores of the white rot fungus (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) found in the soil.

Liquid bacterial fertiliser designed for leaf-foliar application for a wide range of crops, containing a special species of bacteria isolated from plant tissues causing fixation of airborne nitrogen in plants.

Liquid bacterial fertiliser produced on the base of AZOTER® fertiliser, containing the special bacteria Pseudomonas putida, which improves the absorption of microelements by the root system. It accelerates the decomposition of applied BGS digestates (end waste from biogas station), crop residues, straw and organic matter into the soil while increasing the usability of nutrients from applied digestates.

AZOTER Trading s.r.o.

The company has been a pioneer on the European market in the production of bacterial biofertilisers and their large-scale use in primary agricultural production since 1995. It has many years of experience in the field of nutrition and prevention. The main idea of the AZOTER bacterial bio-fertiliser - the bonding of air nitrogen and making unused poorly soluble phosphates available in the soil, as well as the economic effect of reducing the costs of primary agricultural production - has been progressing over the past 20 years and has met many doubts. Today, there is little doubt about the effectiveness of the AZOTER bacterial fertiliser.

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