The company has been a pioneer on the European market in the production of bacterial biofertilisers and their large-scale use in primary agricultural production since 1995. It has many years of experience in the field of nutrition and prevention. The main idea of the AZOTER bacterial bio-fertiliser - the bonding of air nitrogen and making unused poorly soluble phosphates available in the soil, as well as the economic effect of reducing the costs of primary agricultural production - has been progressing over the past 20 years. Today, there is little doubt about the effectiveness of the AZOTER bacterial fertiliser. Our own production premises and production and development team are a guarantee of quality, and long-term efforts have been made to develop new technologies in the field of special selection of individual cultures of bacteria and obtaining their highest vitality and virulence, which has paid off through the satisfaction of our growers.

The products of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. are characterised by high quality and environmental friendliness. Each product is certified and is included among preparations that may be used in organic farming. Strains of bacteria are patented and stored in the Czech Collection of Microorganisms at the Masaryk University in Brno. AZOTER Trading s.r.o. has worked closely with researchers from foreign and domestic institutions and universities on the development and research of bacterial preparations. These include for example CEVA-PHYLAXIA in Budapest, Hungary, the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) in Bratislava and the Slovak Agricultural University (SAU) in Nitra. Individual bacterial cultures have undergone a special selection by which the highest vitality and virulence has been achieved.

The main task of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. is to increase the fertility of the land by means of quality products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and to help increase the efficiency of farmed crops, while maintaining the favourable economic effect of reducing the cost of industrial fertilisers.

AZOTER Trading s.r.o., besides providing quality products and accurate logistics, also provides consultancy services to its customers and partners in the field of nutrition and fertilisation of agricultural crops based on the sampling of soil and plant samples. Based on the agrochemical analysis and results obtained, it develops recommendations and methodologies for optimising the nutrition of cultivated crops in accordance with the applicable legislative standards for sustainable agriculture, and with regard to increasing soil fertility and restoration of microbial life in the soil.

In the last ten years, the company has been intensively engaged in the issue of prevention of fungal diseases in agricultural crops. In European conditions, white rot caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is considered as one of the most important diseases in oilseeds e.g. sunflower and winter forms of oilseed rape. The malignancy of the disease can be very high and the reduction in yields during epidemic outbreaks can be as high as 40-50%. In addition to the already mentioned benefits of AZOTER applications in plant nutrition and its beneficial effects on soil fertility, the second aspect which is not negligible is its use in the biological fight against common crop diseases e.g. white rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum). The company has developed a product AZOTER SC® for this purpose.

In the cultivation of many field crops, fusariosis is one of the most important pathogens that is significant both economically and in terms of food security. The employees of the company have been intensively engaged in the prevention of this disease. The result of their work was the enrichment of the original AZOTER bacterial bio-fertiliser with the parasitic fungus Trichoderma atroviride, which improves the natural ability of the soil and effectively destroys the spores of fusarium already in the soil while improving the defences of cultivated crops.

AZOTER Trading s.r.o. also deals with the leaf nutrition segment, providing a comprehensive solution by supplying macro and micro nutrients for cultivated crops. After three-year small-scale and operational experiments, it has developed a unique product for leaf and field crop nutrition - a bacterial fertiliser AZOTER L - for the market.

Representations of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. are currently in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Poland and Croatia. New markets are being created in Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Belarus and India. In India, the company has successfully conducted experiments with a number of model crops, whether in conventional cultivation or in organic cultivation, but given the existing tariff barriers in India, where the state would recompensate 90% of the costs incurred for the purchase of fertilisers in the form of subsidies, the application of the bacterial fertiliser AZOTER has suffered a significant draw-back.

Currently, negotiations are under way on the possibilities of application of the company’s bio-fertiliser in Spain in the production of fast-growing vegetables in covered areas and field crops. Also, a visit and subsequent discussions with representatives of companies from Ethiopia led to a successful agreement on testing of the biological effectivity of the bacterial fertilisers AZOTER SC® and AZOTER F in the soil and climate conditions of northern Ethiopia in the cultivation of corn, sunflower, cereals as well as vegetables.

AZOTER Trading s.r.o., with respect to its own research team and its own special production plant with computerised fermentation located in Petrova Ves, has significant potential for further research and development of new products targeted and focused mainly on eco- or bio-cultivation of agricultural crops, while having environmental friendliness in mind as they do not contain any components which would pose a danger to the environment.

Company mission

The mission of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. is to increase soil yields in a sustainable and environmentally contentious manner and to assist in increasing the effectiveness of crop cultivation through quality products and delivering a positive environmental effect by reducing costs for industrial fertilisers. AZOTER Trading s.r.o. provides consulting services to its customers and partners, in addition to quality products and precise logistics, in the areas of nutrition and fertilisation of agricultural crops by collecting soil and plant samples. The findings of the resulting agro-chemical analysis are used to complete recommendations and methods for optimising the nutrient mix for the cultivated crops in accordance with valid legislative standards for sustainable agriculture and with focus on increasing soil yields and restoring microbial activity in the soil.